Fill2Pure Water Filtration

Fill2Pure retails water filters for a variety of purposes, with the largest focus being on portable water filters. Fill2Pure water filters reliably filter out more chemicals, toxins and contaminants than other domestic water filters.
- Water filter jug
- Water filter bottles
- Shower filters
- Bath filters
- Benchtop water filter
- Alkaline water filters
- Travel water filters
- Fluoride water filters

Fill2Pure water filters are frequently used by humanitarian organisations for disast

Fill2Pure water filters features an advanced domestic filtration technology that is able to remove more toxins and contaminants than any other water filter in the same price range. Fill2Pure is the most tested water filter in the world, with independent tests revealing that the filters remove up to 99.99% of chemicals (chlorine, fluoride, herbicides++), dissolved metal (lead, copper++), virus, bacteria and much more.
Our advanced water filters are popular travel accessories for use in Asian and African countries in particular, as the filters are able to filter out waterborne disease carriers such as virus, giardia and other harmful bacteria.
The bottles are able to transform any fresh water source into clean healthy water. Just fill your bottle up in a stream, river or pond, no matter how dirty it looks and drink through the filtering straw.
Buy Fill2Pure direct from the regional importer and save. Detail Page.

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Live Love Bean – Magic Beans

Magic bean plants engraved with words and images. Plants that grow with words on them. Unique gifts for all ages. Message beans grow into a lush green vine with purple flowers. Buy magic beans in Australia today! Wholesale and custom designs available.

Live Love Bean is an Australian business selling magic bean plants as unique gifts and affordable promotional products. The gift that keeps on giving. Magic bean plants are engraved with words and images that sprout to reveal the message. Plants that grow with words on them.

Unique gifts for all ages. Message beans grow into a lush green vine with purple flowers, just like Jack And The Beanstalk. Buy magic beans in Australia today! Wholesale purchases available. Custom design your own magic beans to suit your occasion. Buy in bulk and save. Detail Page.

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Here is a quirky new Mens Gift

What good men are

Ceramic Coasters (set of 4) in a box

The Coaster set “Good Men Are”, proceeds to tell us in a fun way what good men are using a cute little terrier dog.

This is a nice quirky cute and very original gift from homewares wholesale supplier Coastal Designs Decor. The wooden box in white is hinged with a metal latch and the inners are coated in a nice black bubbly paper that looks great.

Each coaster is another unique image and all coasters are ceramic with small rubber feet to make them sit nicely. Easy to wash

They will sit nicely in their box with your decor and will make an interesting conversational piece when the coasters are spread for use  on your Coffee table.
handyman dog with a hammerdog toastingdog computervalentines dog

Buy them online now at Coastal Designs Decor . who offer a range of other designs in Ceramic drinks coasters.

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