Bush Cookies

Apr 12, 2015

Wholesaler suppliers of cookies and biscuits. Get your retail sales lifted with some gourmet bikkies.

Patchwork Quilting Fabrics, Quilt Patterns & Kits, Knitting Wool, Patterns & accessories, Tapestries & Embroidery Threads, Aussie Giftware, Doll &...

Claim A Listing

A listed business may change its representative, or access codes can often be lost, yet directory listing descriptions should be updated regularly as the business evolves. So our "Claim a listing" process allows a legitimate representative of the listed domain name to change an existing listing in this directory and have it re-linked to their new log-in account. Then they can control and edit the listing, without requiring our content team to manually assist.

NOTE: You don't need to "Claim the Listing" if you can already log-in and see the listing shown as one of your listings upon log-in. (when logged in, use the "My Listings" link in the "Accounts Menu" (right column) to display listings attached to the account. Each listing (in bottom right of the summary) has a tiny Action icon  to allow you remove or edit that listing)

If you DO have access to the email associated with this listing, then you need only follow the Forgot Password process to get a new password issued and then log-in and edit the listing.

Our directory is a free listing, so we rely on users to help themselves in order to keep our maintenance costs down. Our automated check of the bonifides of someone wanting access to a listing relies on proof that you either have access to the email account initially associated with the listing, or prove that you have administrator access to edit the related website files for this listing.


So if you do need to "Claim a Listing" then the first step is Log-in or  to Register and then log-in to your new account.

Registration is a simple 2 step process where you choose a username and password and enter your email address, and then respond to the email automatically sent to you, to confirm we have the correct email address.

After your email address is confirmed, you will be able to log-in.


Once you are logged-in, all approved listings in the directory  (in bottom right of the listing summary [not the listing detail page]) will show a tiny Action icon which will reveal a sub menu including a link saying "Claim this Link".


If you click on the "Claim this Link" you will see the detailed instructions to either add the claim code to the listed site's index page header code, OR, to add a text file with that code in it to the domain's website. Thus proving that you have legitimate administrator access to the listed domains website.


Once you have that claim code imbedded, pressing the "Validate" button on that page checks the website for either version of the claim code and if successful reveals the listing in edit mode so that you can edit and save it. Once you have re-saved it, the listing will be moved to your logged-in account.


If you are not the person who administers the listed website, then you will need to get the site administrator to complete this process for you. Please do not use the "Suggest a Listing" process to try to add a second listing of the same website, as this will get rejected and, because it creates unnecessary work for us, we will most likely ban your site from being listed.

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