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How to to submit a listing?
1. First Register (automatically processed. System will send you an immediate email to activate your registration)
2. Activate your registration (by clicking the link in the above email)
3 Click the "Suggest a Listing" link
4. Select a SUB-CATEGORY by clicking the + image to open the appropriate category
5 select the plan you prefer and fill out the rest of the form

What content is required in my listing?
All submissions will be reviewed by a human.
You needa a  Brief Description of 30-250 characters, and a Business Profile of 300-1000 characters and key search words for your industry. A logo image  (up to120x120 jpg or gif) is optional but recommended. Choose an email address that won’t need to be changed when personnel change.

The key requirement here is that your description and business profile must be Original. IE not copied word for word from your web site or from any other site or other directories where you have listed the site.

Our listing effectively gives you a separate web page on our site pointing to your site, and If you don’t write original material there, then this page will be classified as duplicate material and be downgraded by the major search engines.

How to Delete My Listing?
Please first log-in with the details supplied upon registration. (You can recover your password with the forgot password link on the login page)
 - In the right column you will see the Account Menu,
- Click on "My Listings"
- then on the tiny icon bottom right of the summary listing to a reveal a "remove listing" Tab under the  in the main part of the page.

How to Edit My Listing?
We encourage businesses to update the business profile in their listing regularly.
Please first log-in with the details supplied upon registration. (You can recover your password with the forgot password link on the login page)
 - In the right column you will see the Account Menu,
- Click the My Listing Link in that section to show your listing in the main section,
- then in your listing summary in the main section you will see a tiny edit icon bottom right.
- click that to open your listing in edit mode, Make changes and submit.

 Your revised listing will then be submitted for review by our content team.

How to Edit My Password?
Once you have logged in, go to the Accounts Area section (Right column ) and use the 'Edit Account" Link

Lost Password?
If you still have access to the email associated with this listing, then you need only follow the Forgot Password link on the log-in page to get a new password emailed and then log-in and edit the listing, otherwise log in using the actual Username from the original listing email and in the Acounts Menu (right Column) use the "Edit Account " link.

If you dont have either the register again and use the "Claim a listing process"

Can I Change my associated Email Address?
Yes To change the email address associated with your listing you need to log-in (using the email as username OR the actual username from the original registration email).

 In the right column you will see the Account Menu, and use the 'Edit Account" Link

How Can I claim and edit a Listing already in the Directory?
If you dont have access to the listing email address, you will need to have administrative access to your website. See the Claim a Listing instructions link below.

Help With Submissions
Description Field (30-250 characters).
Brief business description to get readers attention. This will appear in the initial listing pages and all words used here will be indexed and seachable. (Dont repeat Trading name), list main products, Business type and sub-type if applicable, City and Region if appropriate. (include key product or service search words that prospective customers will use to find you)

Repeat main keywords or phrases for products or service and then include additional keywords that dont fit into your brief description (Every key word or phrase used here must be included in your Business Profile article below)

Business Profile Article (300-1000 characters)
Firstly take the time to write an ORIGINAL article (not published elsewhere on the internet in the exact same format). If you want to use an existing article then change some of the words and paragraphs around, so that search engines don't penalise your resultant web site page here, simply because they categorise it as duplicate content.

Ensure that your article reads well, not only with correct spelling and good grammar, but also ensure that it is an interesting article that would create respect from prospective clients and make them want to do business with your establishment. Convince readers to click the link to visit your website, or use the phone, fax numbers or the email contact form on this page

Here are some sime guidelines to assist. We recommend that you cover most of the items suggested here (as appropriate to your enterprise):-

The main benefit to people dealing with your business.
Description of your latest products, which location and markets and which age groups or sexes they are targeted to and why they should prove popular. (This is your main sales pitch).
details of specialised categories of product that you normally specialise in,
other specific products made,
special technologies, qualifications or experience relative to the products you make,
years established,
approximate size of the firm's work force
contact person for sales enquiries
do you custom designed  products or service and if so on what basis
approximate minimum order quantities if applicable
approximate time for shipping of an order or supply of service
locations you ship to or service
list of appointed selling agents if applicable
invitation to visit your premises if appropriate

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