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Retailers Order Stock by Smartphone

iphone 6 Wholesale orders on smartphone
Wholesale orders on smartphone

The technical march to smartphones and iphones with consumers is not just for online shopping. More and more retailers are appreciating the convenience of ordering more stock through their smartphone. Australian homewares wholesalers, Coastal Designs Decor says “Now you can order anytime of the day or night from anywhere that your smartphone gets signal“.

A growing number of retailers have been ordering their stock online from wholesaler’s websites for many years now, where they are simply able to log-in and view wholesale prices. But new developments in web-site design means that the modern eCommerce website caters for smartphones with website images and menu to suit the small screen and more and more of the Wholesalers are switching to the new style of websites.

You don’t really need “an Ap”, you just need a smart website that recognizes a smart phone browser and shows them the appropriate template. Smartphone surfers will soon vacate a website that does’nt cater for their small screen browser.

Other features such as the ability to remember your past order and reorder those same items is perhaps more appreciated by retailers who often restock the same products as their inventory gets sold.

See original article from Homewares Wholesaler, Coastal Designs Decor

Mojito Homewares

Mojito is the importer and wholesaler of these beautifully handmade bamboo and lacquer bowls, trays and other items.

We are currently seeking stores which may be interested in stocking our wares. If you are interested, get in touch and we will contact you to arrange a time to show you our range.

We know that once you see Mojito’s bowls, you’ll be amazed at the superior quality and craftsmanship that has gone into every item – they are far superior to the bowls that you’ll find in

MOJITO encompasses quality, artistic flare, environmental sustainability, and fair trade. Each product is hand made and renders a connection to the land and culture of the Vietnamese people.

The MOJITO team provide an opportunity to bring this primitive beauty into our modern worlds, with creativity, versatility and customisation. We are proud of the strong relationships we have made with our customers, businesses and retailers.

Parties, dinners, lunches, picnics…MOJITO brings quality and artistic flare to every table and enjoyment to every special meal. MOJITO packages form the perfect gift for all occasions, and can be made custom to order with delivery.

Like all hand-made goods, MOJITO products need to be treated with care. Hand washing is strongly advised.

The MOJITO team takes great pride in supporting fair trade and promoting ethical consumerism. All of our products are Solvent and VOC (volatile organic compound) free. Detail Page.

Reed Gift Fair’s Giftnow site crashed out

The retailer’s shopping Directory has been crashed for multiple days now. Every time it has been revived it crashes again soon after. No announcement has been made by Giftnow or by Reed Gift Fairs or Intermedia.

The troubled directory & Hosting site operated by Reed Gift Fairs and Intermedia has been promising to fix basic hosting issues for some years. After announcing big plans at the recent Melbourne Gift Fair to overhaul the site with a new direction nothing more has been heard of the changes since.

Now the site has turned catastrophic for the multitude of Wholesalers who host their merchant websites with giftnow as for the past weeks the site has been crashed with only brief reappearances of the websites.

Retailers have been unable to get their final orders before Christmas and wholesalers are going to the Christmas break with no confidence that their merchant sites will be working in the new year.

The giftnow website previously called gpoint was originally developed by the Gift and Homewares Industry who have in recent years commenced a rival site called Vende.