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Reed Gift Fair’s Giftnow site crashed out

The retailer’s shopping Directory has been crashed for multiple days now. Every time it has been revived it crashes again soon after. No announcement has been made by Giftnow or by Reed Gift Fairs or Intermedia.

The troubled directory & Hosting site operated by Reed Gift Fairs and Intermedia has been promising to fix basic hosting issues for some years. After announcing big plans at the recent Melbourne Gift Fair to overhaul the site with a new direction nothing more has been heard of the changes since.

Now the site has turned catastrophic for the multitude of Wholesalers who host their merchant websites with giftnow as for the past weeks the site has been crashed with only brief reappearances of the websites.

Retailers have been unable to get their final orders before Christmas and wholesalers are going to the Christmas break with no confidence that their merchant sites will be working in the new year.

The giftnow website previously called gpoint was originally developed by the Gift and Homewares Industry who have in recent years commenced a rival site called Vende.

Small Business Ignored by Labor and Greens with Sledgehammer Carbon Tax

The Australian Gifts & Homewares Association (AGHA) has vowed to take an active role in advocacy on issues that affect its members.

AGHA have announced a major campaign on the Carbon Tax issues as Chief Executive David Leek said “the Australian Government had not given adequate consideration to how the carbon tax would effect a retail and wholesale sector already struggling in tough conditions”

The AGHA has set up a Carbon Tax section on their advocacy website and invited members to register their concerns and to contact their local Federal MP to express their concern.

Leek suggests that the Carbon Reduction should be a matter of corporate and personal responsibility rather than a public tax and says that the government has taken the usual sledhammer approach with heavy taxation.

AGHA Chief Executive David Leek says that the carbon tax is yet another ALP Policy  that strikes at the heart of small to medium businesses and families in Australia.

Australian Government incompetence – APEC Business Travel Card

Australian Government incompetence is again the reason why Australian importers are getting only pain from APEC at a time when they most need help.

An article in the Australian Wholesalers Directory highlights the stupidity behind 10,000 Australian importer being denied APEC Business Travel Cards without notice by the bumbling  Foreign Affairs and Trade department of the  failing Australian Government