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APEC Pisses On Small Business Importers in Australia

Prime ministers from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation countries announced the APEC Business Travel Card with a huge fanfare a few years ago after the Australian sumit, showing what great fellows they were and how they were helping business get on with trade between APEC countries.

They then had the hide to charge $200 each for processing applications and really took their time about doing it.

Even so the APEC Business Travel Card was a huge benefit to business, as previousely if you wanted to go to places like China you had to travel to the chinese embassy in Sydney and line up like sheep to lodge a visa application including multiple forms and photos and documents for every single trip and then travel back like a dirty little beggar to get the visa. Not to mention a big fee each time.

Maybe its time to start importing from other countries apart from APEC. Other countries might value an importers visit to their trade fairs instead of treating you like a sheep.

If you recently applied for renewal of the the APEC Business Travel Card after 3 years you will be getting a nasty little shock unless you are the managing director of BHP.

It seems APEC had too many stinky little Australian businessmen who wanted to import from China and other Asian Countries and they might have some terrorists amoung us, so they changed the rules.

It seems now around 10,000 Australian business people alone have been unknowingly stripped of their APEC Business Travel Cards, because of Changes implements by that fool Chris Bowen Minister for imigration

Under changes recently introduced, card holders need to be in the top tiers of management at their company, and need to be able to show they are trading or investing Multi Millions with APEC nations.

The decision was made suddenly, with no consultation and no communication of the decision from the department to business groups or card holders.

So if you have applied for renewal and didn’t know about this huge denigration of the majority of Australian importers by APEC , then you will soon be getting a request for documentation to prove you can substantiate $millions pa in trade.

Bad luck about the $200 per applicant you recently sent APEC to apply for renewal. They will keep that, that’s why they didn’t send you a notice about your impossible renewal.

Consumer Retail Spending is up

The most recent Commonwealth Bank business sales indicators have shown their strongest growth in nearly two years. This indicates that consumers are finally starting to spend in a more relaxed way.

Shopping giant David Jones is planning to invest more money in their stores to attract customers before the Christmas period.

DJ’s has announced it would spend as much as $80 million to refurbish stores this year.

Smarter Training

Smarter Training educates you to be your best. We offer a range of training services including sales, leadership and tailored packages

Smarter Training educates your team to be their best. We offer a range of training services including sales, leadership and tailored packages. Smarter Training is giving you the competitive edge to be the best.

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