Party Plan – How to hold and run a sales Party

Party Plan Ideas

Holding an Open House Party Plan Party

One way to launch yourself as a new party plan operator, or to show a new range of products is to hold your own Open House Party. These are very easy to run, and have the potential to get you some new bookings and make new contacts.

Who to invite to a party plan sales party.

Invite family, friends, former hostesses and ask each of these guests to bring a friend. This will give you the opportunity to remind former hostesses you are still around and you can meet some new people.

Mystery Door Prizes
On arrival, give each guest a raffle ticket. Raffle ticket books can be bought quite cheaply from the supermarket or a newsagent. Additional tickets can be awarded for winning games, making a purchase, booking a party, and so on.

Lucky Door Prize forms
Make up a small questionnaire for your guests to fill in. Ask for their contact details so you can follow up any interest and send them all a “Thank You” note for attending your open house. Award an extra ticket to everyone who returns the questionaire.

Some questions you can ask:

Have you Bought our products before?
Would you be interested in hosting a party?
Have you been to a party Plan party before?
Are you interested in finding out about becoming a Party Plan Operator?

The Party
Run the party as you would any other party. If you have been wanting to try out some new games or demonstrating techniques, this is a good time to try them out.
Suggested order
Have some background music as people enter and stop the music to signal that the party has commenced.
Welcome everybody and ask them to stop you with a question anytime.
Tell them you are all going to have a little fun, followed by a run through of the products on display then Tea & Bickies whilst we do order taking, followed by the Lucky door prize raffle

Ending the Party
Near the end of the party, draw the Lucky door prize raffle. Once you have finalised all the orders, sit down with your hostess and carefully work out her benefits, to ensure she is well informed and can consider her shopping options.

Hostess Notes
The key to a good party is to have fun.

Suggested the following points to your hostess to help make her party a success.

You can copy and paste these notes to give to your hostess.

Invite everyone you know, even if you don’t know them particularly well. Some people may not have heard about your product brands or busisness name, or haven’t heard about them for a while, and would be happy to see new stock.

Always ask your guests to bring a friend with them. This is a great way to increase orders and they may also book a party.

Make sure your guests know they don’t have to pay on the day. They can pay by credit card on the day, or they can pay by cash when the goods are ordered.

Ask people to come, even if they aren’t planning to buy anything. Remember, the party is a social occasion more than anything else!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun

Suggested Guest List

Sometimes hostesses don’t know who to invite. Here are a list of people you can suggest. With all these people, your hostess can ask them to bring a friend.



Business Associates

Your Boss – past and present
Business contacts
Wives of Business contacts


Your best friend
Next door neighbour
Other neighbours
Baby sitter
Mothers of children you baby sit
Friends from Church
Brother’s girlfriend
Friends girlfriends
People whose parties you’ve attended
Friends from the gym
Friends from Playgroup
Friends from school
Friends from sporting team
Mother’s of your children’s friends
Boyfriends mother
Boyfriends sister

Types of Parties

Ghost Show

Set up a display in your hostess’ home or another central location. All items should include the item number and price. Leave catalogues and order forms for the customers.

This way you can make money while you are out holding another party or fulfilling family commitments.

This is also a great way to have a fundraiser party.

Baby Shower Party

Have a friend or family member host the party on behalf of the expectant mother. Invite the guests to bring a contribution towards gifts for the mum-to-be.

Run the party as normal, though you may want to throw in some baby shower games.

The mum-to-be would then be able to choose items using the money that has been given as well as getting the hostess gifts.

Housewarming Party

Your hostess has just moved into a new house, and now it needs to be stocked.

Invite the guests to bring a contribution toward gifts for the hostess or guest of honour (if hosted by a friend or family member).

The hostess or guest of honour can then choose her gifts using the money that has been given as well as getting the hostess gifts.

Bridal Shower Party

Have a friend or family member host the party on behalf of the bride-to-be. Invite the guests to bring a contribution towards gifts for the bride-to-be.

Run the party as normal, though you may want to use some bridal shower games.

The bride-to-be would then be able to choose items using the money that has been given as well as getting the hostess gifts.

Catalogue Party

If your hostess would like to get some of the hostess benefits, however is unable to have a party, give her some catalogues to pass around to friends and family members.

Give her a date to get the orders and bookings to you by.

You should include a page explaining the hostess benefits, including getting bookings.

Pot Luck Party

Have the hostess invite her guests to bring their favourite dish and have a party over lunch or dinner.
This type of party is especially great for the hostess who has a lot of friends and not much time to prepare a lot of snacks.

CRAN or CRAW Party

Have a Party at Work! CRAN (Conference Room at Noon) or CRAW (Conference Room after Work) the choice is yours.

The guests bring their own lunch and you, the consultant bring dessert. Or stay after work an hour and shop `til you drop.

For the working woman who wants it all but has no time to shop. The hostess could post an invitation on the bulletin boards or use her inter-office memo. You can ship everything to the office!

Show in a Bag
This is similar to a Catalogue Party however, you include a bag with a few samples of popular products with the catalogues.

Invite your hostess to show the products when she shows the catalogue to her family and friends.

Christmas in the summer

Offer a Christmas in the summer show to allow guest to start shopping early. That way you do not need to worry about a product being out of stock or on back order.

Men Only show

Around the Christmas season men are always wondering what to get their loved ones. Have a men’s only show and allow the men to shop for gifts and let them know you will wrap each for him.

Naughty Night Gown Contest
Each guest brings their favorite night gown in a paper bag; and try to match the nighty to the guest.

Sitter Party
This is a great party to have, especially if your guest will have small children. Having a sitter present allows mom and dad to shop, undisturbed!

Ten to Midnight Party
A party late at night for the guests that can not make it early in the day.

Patio Party
Have a party outside on the patio, serve nice tall glasses of iced tea.

Desert Party
Have each guest bring a desert and share their recipes.

Chicken Party
Serve chicken Legs/wings etc. This is a great way to get know new neighbors. Invite people you don’t know or don’t know very well.

Weekend Brunch Party
A quick get-together over brunch! Bagels, donuts, a fresh pot of coffee. Perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning. In an hour or two your party will be complete and the rest of the days is yours! Each guest who brings a goodie to share could receive a free gift.

7-Up Party
This is a fun theme, especially if your hostess is saying she doesn’t have many people to invite.
Do everything around the number 7. Have 7 people at the party (this can include the hostess), have 7 outside orders (or 7 items ordered through outside orders). Your hostess can server 7-Up for refreshments. During the party, offer 7 specials or give away 7 prizes. You could also play 7 games or demonstrate 7 different product


Put Christmas into your parties

Christmas time comes around very quickly. There are lots of gifts to buy and no time. Offer gift vouchers, Bring more joy to your parties at Christmas by change your display with some tinsel or decorations. Wear a Santa Hat, Arrange for some White Cristmas Slice or Fruit cake. Play Christmas music while guests enter. The stores offer free gift wrapping and personalized gift tags, why not you?
Have some products for those customers who dont want the hassle of ordering and getting it later. Include a Christmas treat such as a candy cane with your orders.

Offer Catalogue partys. Busy people can still see the products and buy conveniently
Offer gift vouchers. Offer to help the men with gift selection and offer gift-wrapping.Send out Christmas cards to your hostesses and offer to help with their gift buying.

Christmas Party for your Regulars
Christmas is a good time to say “Thank You” to your regulars by hosting a party yourself

Christmas Wish List Service

As a Christmas promotion, offer your clients a “Christmas Wish List”.

Your clients would give you a list of products they would like. This could be done either by them writing out a list, or you give them a blank order form and they highlight items they would like.
Friends and family can then order gifts off this list to give as Christmas presents.
To make this shopping easy, in mid-November or early December, hold an Open House where families and friends can do their Christmas Shopping. Have the lists available as well as stock.
Offer a free gift wrapping service as part of the day.
This can help boost your sales prior to Christmas, as well as provide your customers some gifts they really want.

One Hour Christmas Party

Offer your hostesses a “One Hour Christmas Party”. One hour is often easy to find, even at this busy time of the year.
Shorten your initial presentation to show the best selling items and Christmas specials. You may want to offer your hostess a special Christmas Gift or bonus for hosting one of these parties.
The one hour party is also great to offer to businesses to have at a lunch time.


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