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Exclusive Home Decor for Play and Display

The realm of hand crafted board games has been enjoyed for thousands of years by both men and women. Board Games are social and provide for intelligent and entertaining get-togethers.Wooden Congklak Board Game

But, Board Games of the sort I have in mind are not only designed for enjoyable play, but were also born to be put on Display. This month, we feature three that deserve special mention for their quality and their beauty, as well as their enduring popularity.

The first comes from Jepara, Indonesia as is called Congklak or Dakon. Caongklak is the National Game of Java and Jepara is a world renowned centre for beautiful wood carved furniture and home decor. This Dakon Dragon is made of Mahogany and is around 90cm long. The Game is particularly popular among women and is also used as an instrument for teaching maths.

It is hand Semi Precious Gem Solitairepainted and hand carved in Jepara and is a common social game played in cafes and streets throughout Indonesia and looks lovely as a centre piece.

The Second Traditional Game is Solitaire. This Wooden Solitaire is hand carved from Pallisandre in Madagascar. In addition to the delightful craftsmanship, the Solitaire is studded with real large semi precious gems as marbles; jade, onyx, pink quartz and amethyst crystal – to mention a few.Hand Carved Chess Set

Finally a truly unique Chess Set for Display and a wonderful Gift Idea. This Chess Set is hand carved in Ecquador from Tagua or vegetable ivory.

The Tagua is a date palm that grows only in small areas down the west

coast of South America. It is as hard as marble, as smooth as ivory and feels almost like white Chocolate.

Tagua is a highly prized and environmentally friendly alternative to ivory, is harvested only as the large date seeds fall to the ground. The carvings of this hand made Chess Set depict Beautiful Galapagos marine life.

David Trounce
Games from Everywhere

NSW, Australia.